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Deadpool Suicide Kings TPB

Deadpool Suicide Kings TPB

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Written by MIKE BENSON & ADAM GLASS Penciled by CARLO BARBERI Cover by GREG LAND Deadpool hits the jackpot! The Merc with a Mouth lands a million-dollar hit, but soon learns the hard way that you can't trust anyone in the world of high-priced assassination! Framed for the killing of innocent bystanders, Deadpool finds himself in the crosshairs of none other than the Punisher. Lucky for Wade, he's got an angel on his shoulder in the form of Daredevil. But can even the Man Without Fear stand up to the Scourge of the Underworld? Plus: Come on down, Deapdool! You're the next contestant on Pain Factor - the reality TV game show so controversial, it's banned around the world! Collecting DEADPOOL: SUICIDE KINGS #1-5 and DEADPOOL: GAMES OF DEATH. 152 PGS./Parental Advisory $19.99


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