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New X-Men TPB Volume 02 Imperial (Star16205)

New X-Men TPB Volume 02 Imperial (Star16205)

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cover by frank quitely grant morrison (w)/frank quitely, ethan van sciver & igor kordey (p) THE SCOOP: Continuing Grant Morrison's bold reinterpretation of comics' #1 super team! THE STORY: As protesters lay siege to the Xavier Institute, Professor X lies in a coma -- trapped within the shattered form of his evil twin! Cassandra Nova, the psionic psychopath inhabiting Xavier's body, has returned to Earth -- with the might of the entire Shi'ar Imperium! Collecting NEW X-MEN #118 - #126! THE BUZZ: 'At the end of each issue, I find myself truly shocked -- wondering what will happen next and dreading the wait. Under Grant Morrison's guidance, NEW X-MEN has become the comic book equivalent of heroin. I can't wait for my next hit.' - Cinescape THE FORMAT: 224-page trade paperback!


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