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Register Your Interest - DARK ANGELS ARMY SET (ENGLISH) - 03/02/2024

Register Your Interest - DARK ANGELS ARMY SET (ENGLISH) - 03/02/2024

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The greatest exemplars amongst the mysterious and unyielding Dark Angels are the Deathwing. Each a skilled veteran, they are led by heroes of a thousand battles, clad in Terminator armour and hefting powerful weapons taken from the Chapter’s most sacred armouries.

Belial, Grand Master of the Deathwing, commands 15 Terminators. Ten of these are existing mulit-part Terminators, accessorised in classic Deathwing style with two new Dark Angels upgrade frames, while the other five are the indomitable Deathwing Knights, unstoppable juggernauts armed with mighty heirloom weapons. 

The box also contains Codex Supplement: Dark Angels, a 96-page book containing the rules and background for the Dark Angels, and featuring a unique cover. You also get 20 datasheet cards covering every unit in the Codex Supplement and two transfer sheets with over 200 transfers each.*


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